Avoid uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams 

- Beginners' Governance Workshop

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Let us identify the technologies used and show you what other possibilities you have with governance and Microsoft Teams. Our aim of the workshop is to establish the gap of unused governance possibilities and to create a plan how this gap can be closed. 

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Learn from the governance market leader how governance works for Microsoft Teams.

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What you'll learn

Discover the unused governance opportunities within Microsoft Teams. Together, we will develop the best plan for you to take advantage of these possibilities.

Analysis of the existing situation in the company

What technologies am I using and what are the challenges in my M365 environment?

Which methods, which technologies and which tools are currently used?

Breakdown of the components to be considered (Active Directory, MS Teams, Planner, etc.)

Are users currently building their own Teams, or are there specifications?

Identify challenges: no overview, user acceptance drops, increasing IT costs, waste of working time, etc.

Understand Teams Governance opportunities

How can I keep my Teams environment clean and secure?


Naming conventions


External access

Channels and Tabs

Teams Apps


Developing the desired situation

How and in which components can or do I want to implement governance for my company?

Is an approval workflow needed to request a new Team or SharePoint site?

What is the default Active Directory setting?

Are there company-specific requirements for the product and process?

Is there a concept for naming Teams and what could it look like?

Implement, control and improve Teams governance

Master governance in Microsoft Teams like a boss.

Implement governance for your Teams

How to keep control


Governance tools

Instructor of Teams Governance like a boss webinar


Hi, I am Florian, your workshop instructor.

With more than 5 years of experience in M365 and Governance Solutions, Florian teaches the best practices and scenarios from over 400 workshops.

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